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Round Neck Side Pleat Top

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Round Neck Side Pleat Top

This top is a classic yet simple style. Also, it has a mid height round neck, and the sleeve length made to your requirements. As a feature, on the left hand side there are 3 darts that gather from the waist to hip line. This is an excellent style that covers the tummy. In addition, it has a split on either side and shoulder Pads are optional.

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    Garments in this range vary in size from one style to another. To ensure you order the correct size please consult this measurement table and select the size that closely matches your measurements.


    Should your measurements not suit this style garment, please note there are many other styles in this range to choose from with their own unique sizes that may suit you better.

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    Around the upper region between the shoulder and the elbow

    Around the lower region just above the elbow

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