Fun times at “Wodonga Gardens” Victoria – October 2019

What an absolutely fabulous time we all had with Margo and Gabrielle! We’re only a small Estate at the moment, but almost all our ladies came along and were royally entertained. We were staggered at the number of garments that Margo kept coming out in – her suitcase must have been a Tardis!

Margo came back the next day for personalised fittings – she just seemed to know what would suit and what wouldn’t. We’re now anxiously waiting for our garments to arrive. In fact we’re all so excited, once they’re here we’re having a “Margo Happy Hour” to show them off. We’ll send you photos Margo and Gabrielle, unless you’d like to come along too!
And we’re already talking about your return visit. See you soon!

Ruth Forrest
Wodonga Gardens

“Evergreen Retirement Village Pakenham Victoria” – 2019

We have the pleasure of Margo coming to the Village once a year. Every year I am asked “what date is Margo coming!” Our girls absolutely love Margo, the clothing range and the fashion show. We have such a laugh, Margo is raw, honest and so charming. We love the quality and the fit of the clothing, the excellent service and expertise from Margo. We are all extremely thrilled with the styles and fit, the multitude of sins are all completely covered! Well done Margo on your stunning designs and we will be seeing you again every year!

Many thanks,
Sharyn Allsopp

Dalsford Grove Retirement Village – Port Macquarie NSW

All the ladies thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at Dahlsford Lifestyle Village in Port Macquarie last week and are looking forward to receiving their orders.

Some of the comments given:

  • The garments were beautiful, the fabrics so soft it felt lovely against your skin.
  • The presentation was excellent, Margo has a great sense of humor.
  • I was thinking of getting a group photograph of the ladies wearing their new fashion garment to send to you and also put it on our in-house TV channel for those who missed the presentation and have been asking if you are going to return next year.

Thank you,
Margaret Gownes

“Oak Tree Retirement Village” Rockhampton Qld. 2019

What an inspiration Margo is! Our village residents and guests were totally in awe! She always looks so stunning, yet unashamedly shared her ‘hidden’ flaws with our guests and at the same time presented a very entertaining and enjoyable one woman fashion show.

We laughed together, learnt some secrets and had an altogether fun experience. Then there was the following day, when those who wished to buy returned to the village for a personalised one on one fitting for their orders. No ‘off the rack’ options with Margo. Every person was made to feel very important and very special. We are genuinely looking forward to having her and Gabrielle back next year.

Feedback from those who weren’t able to attend on the day after hearing about the fun we had “Put me down for next year! I don’t want to miss out!”.

Many thanks,
Desley Cowley

Victoria Grange Retirement Village

About sixty people from Victoria Grange Retirement Village thoroughly enjoyed a great visit from Margo Mott and Liz her wonderful assistant in September 2018. Margo modelled all the clothes which are five classic colours and beautiful classic designs, perfect for the age group in our Village.

Many people took advantage of being able to order clothes that would actually be the perfect fit as Margo made sure that what was chosen looked right on the customer. Black, navy blue, white, red and mocha are the colours that she works with and the material is so soft and comfortable to wear.

We will all look forward to Margo’s return.

Many thanks,
Jenny W

Tannoch Brae Retirement Village

In September, we had the pleasure of welcoming Margo Mott (and Liz) to our village. We have several fashion houses who attend our village set up a stall and the ladies can browse and purchase through their items, I was expecting a similar format with Margo and ‘That’s Me – The Label’ – well I was wrong!

I had Margo booked from January and could advertise several months beforehand, there was plenty of interest from villagers and outside guests, which saw approximately 60 persons RSVP for the presentation.

The day of the presentation saw both Margo and Liz arrive early to prepare a lovely afternoon tea for the residents and guests to enjoy after the presentation. Our dance floor was transformed into something that you would see at ‘Milan fashion week’.

The show commenced, with Margo modelling the fashions and describing and demonstrating in detail, all the pieces of the label. With a very entertaining Skit featured during the show! The show was absolutely fantastic, lasted approx. 2 hours (which went by so quickly) Margo is quite the entertainer!

Margo announced after the show that she would be returning to the Village in a few days for fittings for interested persons, and it was great to see that approximately half of the audience came back on the organised day.

I highly recommend That’s Me – The Label, The Show and Margo for coming along to your club / organisation / village, you won’t be disappointed!
I look forward to welcoming back Margo to our village in the not too distant future!

Activities Coordinator

Big Success at Halliday Shores

We at Halliday Shores Retirement Village thoroughly enjoyed your presentation, the way you presented your garments was very unique and at times amusing. I had a lot of positive feed back from those that attended and comments such as they have been to a lot of Fashion Shows but never one such as yours, and the clothes were so different and very flattering. Some said that Fashion shows can get a bit boring after a while but this was so good and you kept everyone entertained throughout the whole presentation. Your garments are fabulous and those that ordered from you, and there was a lot, look forward to receiving them and to start showing them off.

Halliday Shores


Hello Margo,
Firstly, so lovely to meet you at Cathy’s place, she is a hoot and such a country girl, we all love her to bits. What a really beautiful lady you are, so lovely. I felt so great on Sunday, I’m sure it was from my fun day on the Saturday with you. I have to say I really loved seeing your collection of clothing and trying it on. Much to my surprise it fitted me and looked really fabulous in fact it looked fabulous on all of us who wore it. I say much to my surprise not a reflection on the clothing but for me thinking that such clothing type would suit my pear shape, it seems to suit all shapes and that’s really something. I can’t wait to receive mine in the post. I’ve spoken to a few ladies about having a showing in Caloundra and all is good with that so if you could give me some idea of when you are free then I can plan ahead. I was thinking late May or even early June if you have a spare Saturday or Sunday.

Kindest regards,

Lyn Endacott

I must tell you about the wedding we went to on Straddie on September 1. I worried about what to wear as usual, and decided on a sleeveless dress for the wedding, as it was a warm and sunny afternoon. However, the weather changed and turned quite cool for the evening reception. Luckily I had a backup outfit… the black top and pants that I bought from you with that beautiful silk and velvet hand dyed shawl that you had shown me how to wear. So thank you for that Margo! My couple of peices of “That’s Me” always feel good on and are easy to wear.

Regards and best wishes,
Lyn Endacott

Marianne Hunter

Dear Margo,
I’ve just arrived home from holidaying in Europe and I’ve got to tell you that your clothes were such a pleasure to wear and I can’t believe the comments I’ve been getting. You did tell me that I would get the odd comment because of the simplicity and comfort factor which made me always feel relaxed. What I really loved most of all when we got back to the room was that all I had to do was wash the garment in the basin, hang it up, and it was dry the next day. Thank you – I just love your clothes. Will call you in the near future to talk about adding to my wardrobe.

Marianne Hunter